The Rewards of Being a Nurse

I believe that nursing as a career is a rewarding experience because you are caring for people from all backgrounds alongside colleagues who are hard-working, like-minded and supportive.

As a nurse I care passionately about improving people’s lives. Nursing is a career for people who enjoy working within a multi-disciplinary team. Nursing can be a career for life, allowing flexible working hours, which will suit people with family responsibilities.

There is also good job stability as the need for nurses is always high. The ability to develop a career within a variety of settings allows for good personal development.

Nursing gives you a qualification that provides you with the ability to work wherever you like and the opportunity to travel to other cities, or countries, with a set of valuable universal skills.

Nursing allows you to experience areas where healthcare provision is very different to ours and you can appreciate what we have access to here. You can shape your career as you wish, as there are so many branches and specialisms of nursing to work within. You will gain a lot of insight from the people you care for, their experiences and other members of the healthcare team.

Facing new challenges is exciting. There are always developments in healthcare to which you need to adapt. Continuing training is available throughout your career to enable you to feel competent.

It is fulfilling working within a meaningful profession where you can make a difference to someone’s experience. The skills you learn help you to feel more prepared to handle emergencies at home with family and friends. Most of all it’s the people you care for that make the job worthwhile as you learn so much from them – they are the people that make you a nurse.

Rachel, 2nd Year PG Dip Children’s Nursing

For more information on Children’s Nursing, click here.

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